2023.04.12 / Success Stories
NIXI Selects GenieATM for Network Traffic Visibility
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2022.02.15 / Success Stories
REDIMadrid Utilizes GenieATM to Maximize DDoS Protection for Universities in Madrid
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2022.01.11 / Success Stories
TurkNet Strengthens Network Visibility and DDoS Security with Genie Networks
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2021.12.22 / Success Stories
Kyivstar Relies on Genie’s Solution for Network Traffic Monitoring and Security
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2021.10.28 / Success Stories
China Mobile Group Adopts Genie’s Solution for 5G Network Visibility
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2021.04.20 / Success Stories
MGTS Enhances DDoS Security and Network Performance with GenieATM
MGTS (Moscow City Telephone Network), a subsidiary of Russia's leading telecom service group – MTS (Mobile TeleSystems), has been using GenieATM from Genie Networks to protect its infrastructure and customer networks from DDoS threats. Over the past few years, the GenieATM solution has helped the Russian telecom operator secure and maintain a high level of service for its customers by detecting more than 200,000 DDoS attacks and anomaly traffic events. Founded in 1882, MGTS is currently one
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2018.12.17 / Success Stories
TransIP Adopts GenieATM for DDoS Protection and Mitigation
Throughout the years, Genie Networks has set foot in the Dutch market for DDoS security and traffic analysis and helped numerous Dutch ISPs and web hosting companies secure their backbone network infrastructure and their customers’ networks. To add to the list, Genie is pleased to announce that TransIP Group B.V. has chosen GenieATM to automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks for its various customers.   TransIP Group B.V. is one of the leading names in the Netherlands for
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2018.11.22 / Success Stories
Genie Supported Telin in an Annual IMF event 2018
Telin, a subsidiary of Telkom, the largest telecommunication service provider in Indonesia, adopted Genie Network’s traffic analysis and DDoS attack solution to ensure network stability and security for the 2018 Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) held in Bali, Indonesia this October. This marks a new milestone in Genie’s global achievement in network visibility and DDoS protection.   DDoS attack stands as one of the biggest threats to
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2018.06.26 / Success Stories
Akon Technologies and Genie Networks protect VEON customers against DDoS attacks during World Cup 2018.
Genie Networks, a technology leader in traffic visibility and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, will provide the technology against DDoS attacks for Russian telecommunications leader VEON during the World Cup. One of the priorities during World Cup is cyber security and making sure all critical internet services stay available. DDoS attacks are one of the most damaging types of cyber-attacks disrupting access to financial services, information portals and other important
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