FLB is the coordination center that efficiently manages, collects, and allocates your flow records to different Collectors according to an user-configurable policy. It is able to load-balance or filter a huge volume of exported flow records from single or multiple routers to a group of Collectors and flow analysis systems.


Our Customers Deploy
GenieATM FLB for :

  • Flow Collection Collect multiple data sources including NetFlow™, NetStream™, sFlow®, JFlow and IPFIX.
  • Flow Relay Able to relay received flow packets to flow collectors from different vendors.
  • Load Balancing Load-balance flow record packets to the GenieATM Collector groups according to the flow balancing policies configured.
  • Flow Selection Filter and dispatch flow record packets to specific system according to the flow filtering policies configured.


Dynamic Allocation
No more imbalance of network traffic that leads to overloading or underutilization of your GenieATM Collectors. With FLB, network administrators no longer need to adjust their deployment manually in accordance with situations where some routers are handling more flow record traffic compared to the others. All Collectors can be plugged in and out with minimal effort of engineering.
High Availability
With FLB, your GenieATM system is enhanced with high-availability and fault tolerance ability. Instead of manually switching to a redundancy or active-standby device, FLB diverts the flow records originally flowing to a failed Collector to another healthy Collector in the same cluster to ensure seamless redundancy without the need of additional backup devices.
Investment Protection
As your router capacity grows along with your network scale, if a single source of traffic data exceeds the maximum capacity of a single Flow Collector, that Collector becomes redundant. FLB distributes traffic of high flows per second to Collectors with lower capacity and ensures all Collectors in the network are evenly utilized without becoming redundant. With GenieATM FLB, every Collector purchased is worth every penny of your investment.
No More Flow Contention
At times when multiple flow-based vendor solutions are deployed in a network, having routers exporting flow packets to multiple destinations may result in overconsumption of router resources. FLB gathers flow packets from all routers in the network, then duplicates or distributes them to each required destination while ensuring resource consumption for each router is stable and in balance.
Resource Saving
Analyzing all the flow records from all the routers can be an overwhelming task. So when you’ve known already what specific attributes of traffic you want to focus and analyze, you can specify the Filter policy on Flow Filter and have it screened out the flows of your interest for your GenieATM resources.