The One-Stop Managed Services Platform to Enhance Revenues for Service Providers

The ongoing trend of Managed Security Service Provisioning (MSSP) has shaped the release of a new product in the GenieATM series – the MSP Server which helps Internet Service Providers and Network Operators to provide cloud-based DDoS security as a managed service to their customers in a cost-effective fashion to accelerate additional business profits.

MSP Server allows managed service providers to provide each existing feature of GenieATM, including network analysis, DDoS detection and mitigation, as a value-added cloud service to their customers. From an operational perspective, MSP Server also boosts the overall performance of GenieATM.

The GenieAnalytics DeepTrace product suite includes a DNS ingestor and GIIS (Genie Internet Intelligence Service) modules that collect service site information and DNS records. These data are provided to GenieAnalytics to perform cloud service analysis that tracks CDN names and detailed service site information.

Unlock the Key Insights to Your Network Traffic

Instant DDoS detection for MSP customer networks and mitigation options according to each customer's Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Each MSP customer can create their own customized dashboard and dedicated reports on traffic analysis and anomaly events
Dedicated anomaly alerts for each MSP customer through email, SNMP trap, Syslog and Webhook API
Network troubleshooting for each MSP cutomer network through the Snapshot feature
RESTful API interfaces for traffic analysis and anomaly event data
  1. Cloud-based Service Scalability
    Provides horizontal scaling (adding more servers) that achieves load-balancing to efficiently distribute large workloads of online users among various server nodes and increase the number of MSP tenants and concurrent users. The progressive deployment mechanism allows network service providers who act as Managed Service Providers to maximize their ROI.
  2. Multi-tenancy
    System resource and traffic flows are distributed to each individual tenant customer to utilize their managed services like network analysis and DDoS defense. Multi-tenancy not only improves overall system performance, but also ensures the quality and performance of each managed service and data integrity for each tenant.
  3. Tailored for MSP Operation Workflow
    With a system management interface built for MSP operations, managed service providers gain centralized control over a variety of tasks such as flow distribution, tenant network configuration, SLA management, and MSP customer authentication and authorization to heavily reduce human labor on MSP operations.
  4. Better UX for MSP Customers
    MSP Server offers a simple, at-a-glance user interface that allows each individual MSP customer to create their own custom multiple-widgets dashboard, graphical traffic reports, and customer network anomaly detection and troubleshooting reports. With MSP Server, MSP customers are positioned with the best all-around user experience.