Enriched Traffic Data Exploration

End-to-end traffic analytics on enriched big data for deeper network insights and all-around DDoS forensics

By leveraging big data storage, mining and representation, our solution provides insights on network performance and utilization based on network traffic and infrastructure topology data to optimize network resource planning for carrier-grade networks. For network security, we adopt a machine-learned network baselining model based on big data ingestion, statistics, and comparison to deliver automated instant detections on network anomalies.

While legacy storage systems fall short of diverse demands of network service providers, we provide the solution to meet your expectations on big data network analytics, which offers more in-depth, flexible, and powerful data exploration for massive scale network operations. Our solution can also enrich IP flow data with Over-The-Top (OTT) service, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and subscriber identity awareness for users to grasp user-readable network traffic insights at a glance.