Managed Service Enabling

Enabling Value-added Cloud Services for ISPs
Genie offers network service providers a turnkey solution to support the deployment of a multi-tenant portal website at their Security Operation Centre to offer enhanced managed services in traffic analysis and DDoS protection to enterprise customers at better cost and less labor and time.



Minimum Operational Complexity
A multi-tenant customer portal to ensure least operational complexity and cost of transforming network-wide traffic analysis and DDoS security features into revenue-generating managed services.
A highly scalable and easy-to-manage platform to provide the most cost-efficient way to support thousands of subscribers.
Deployment Flexibility
Start off low, and work your way up through flexible software license upgrades and system scale-outs.
Shared Resources for Cost Efficiency
A single system with shared resources to deliver common or dedicated services to multiple tenants to create market differentiated, revenue-generating mangaed network services.