GenieATM is based on a distributed architecture with centralized control that simplifies deployment configurations and provides reliability and performance for networks at any scale. All network flow records are received and analyzed by a GenieATM Collector from its designated region and sent to the central Controller for aggregation and representation. The GenieATM deployment can be extended flexibly by adding Collectors to optimize resource usage and TCO (total cost of ownership).

Distributed Architecture

Controller : Managing configuration and generating reports.
Collector : Collecting flows and sending classified data to controller.

Centralized Architecture

Utilizing one GenieATM Controller to collect flows and generate traffic reports.


Synthetic Traffic Mining

Get the most precise and detailed classifications, statistics, sorting and reports for your network traffic with our top-notch traffic analysis engine.
  • Various network data correlation (Flow record, SNMP and BGP) to offer useful analyses such as Peering analysis.
  • Traffic matrix analysis between network resources (e.g., Sub-Networks and Neighbors).
  • User customizable, multi-dimensional rule-based for any time span from years, months, days, minutes, to seconds.
  • Traffic attribute distribution reports on application, protocol+port, ToS value, packet size, etc.
  • Multi-tenancy allowing different users to analyze and retrieve traffic reports of the networks under their jurisdiction.

DDoS Detection

Our advanced anomaly traffic detection engine incorporates machine-learned traffic pattern thresholds and achieves lightning-fast detection (as quick as seconds) to protect your network from:
  • DDoS attacks.
  • Anomaly traffic or unknown network attacks (Zero-Day Attacks).
  • Interface Anomalies (device performance, interface throughput, bandwidth utilization, CRC error packets, discard packets, and multicast + broadcast packets).
  • BGP routing instability (BGP Hijack, unexpected BGP routing changes or excessively-frequent BGP update messages).
  • Multi-tenancy allowing different users to define different detection and mitigation policies, as well as to browse detection events and mitigation status of their own networks.

Traffic Snapshot

Our Snapshot feature inspects network traffic over real-time flow records in cache or historical flow records in raw data storage. Given the scope of network-wide troubleshooting, network administrators no longer have to trace problems by capturing and analyzing packets for each link. GenieATM’s traffic filters offers abundant analysis criteria for traffic snapshot and provides various aggregation methods to generate real-time Top-N analyses. Explore deep and locate attack sources precisely by drilling down into any suspicious traffic.


Get protected from DDoS threats at all times with GenieATM’s instant detection and mitigation features.
  • Alerts and notifications through Email, SNMP Trap, Syslog or Webhook when an anomaly event is detected.
  • Support multiple mitigation options including Remote Black Hole Route, BGP FlowSpec, and third party-mitigation device (A10 TPS, F5 BIG-IP, Huawei AntiDDoS8000, Radware DefensePro, etc.) triggering.
  • Preserve anomaly traffic raw data for future forensic analysis.


Resource Optimization
Save cost on network resource investments with the most adequate capacity planning.
Efficient Troubleshooting
Supreme efficiency and flexibility of traffic analysis and troubleshooting for your network.
Peering Optimization
Flow record and BGP routing data correlation to deliver peering analyses for optimizing peering relationships.
Ensure Business Continuity
Reduce downtime of network services and avoids business loss due to cyber attacks.
Maximize ROI
Achieve higher ROI and lower TCO by deploying GenieATM for not only network perimeter but also the entire network backbone security.
Managed Service Enabling
Enable service providers to deliver innovative solutions including intelligent traffic analysis and automated DDoS defense as value-added managed services for their enterprise customers.