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2021.08.24 / GenieATM / Solution Brief
Overcoming the Challenges of Modern DDoS Attacks for CSPs
The evolving DDoS threat landscape is driving Communications Service Providers to look for solutions that scale and adapt easily to today's attacks without deployment hassle and hefty overhead. Find out why globally known CSPs choose GenieATM to secure and manage their networks.
2021.03.25 / Report
DDoS Attack Statistics and Trends Report for 2020
This report by Genie Networks covers the DDoS statistics from 2020 of Tier-1 network operators among the APAC region - based on attack vector, trend, scale, duration, etc. The report also discusses some of the largest volumetric attack cases in 2020.
2021.03.04 / GenieAnalytics / Case Study
Leading Digital Service Company Optimizes Network Capacity and Cost with Genie Networks
The Customer is a market-leading digital service company in Southeast Asia focusing on online gaming, eSports, eCommerce, and digital finance. The company is relying on Genie’s solution to manage and plan its network capacity and reduce CAPEX/OPEX on network infrastructure.
2020.12.28 / GenieATM / Video
Managed Security Service Provisioning with GenieATM MSP Server
GenieATM MSP Server allows managed service providers to deliver network traffic analysis, DDoS detection and mitigation as value-added cloud-based services to their customers for new revenue streams.
2020.10.05 / Solution Brief
An Introduction to GenieATM and GenieAnalytics
2020.09.23 / GenieATM / Solution Brief
Network-wide Traffic Visibility and Instant DDoS Protection with GenieATM
GenieATM leverages IP Flow technologies to provide all-around traffic visibility and instant DDoS protection to help network service providers better plan, manage and engineer their large networks.
2020.09.20 / GenieAnalytics / Solution Brief
Big Data Traffic Analytics with GenieAnalytics Product Suite
GenieAnalytics Product Suite is the industry-leading big data platform that provides deep and powerful traffic analytics to deliver immediate operational insights for massive scale networks.
2020.09.20 / GenieATM / Solution Brief
Flow-based DDoS Managed Service Provisioning with GenieATM MSP Server
An one-stop MSSP platform that guarantees system scalability, multi-tenancy, and minimum operational complexity to help MSSPs combat the rising challenges in performance, capacity, and costs.
2020.09.16 / GenieAnalytics / Video
GenieAnalytics Product Demo
This brief demo shows how GenieAnalytics leverages annotated network traffic data to perform big data analytics for security forensics and end-to-end visibility.
2020.09.09 / Case Study
Case Study – Global Tier-1 Internet Service Provider, India
Learn how a Tier-1 ISP from India utilizes Genie's solutions to keep out of DDoS threats and deliver managed security services for its customers.