2022.08.16 / Others
Genie Expands Global Presence with New Office in Malaysia
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2022.07.07 / Events
Genie Showcases Traffic Analytics Solution at Network Automation Congress 2022
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2022.06.22 / Events
Genie Networks to Attend Network Automation Congress 2022 in India
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2022.06.20 / Events
Genie DDoS Solution Stands Out At DE-CIX Interconnection Conclave
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2022.04.19 / Others
Genie Networks Releases 2021 DDoS Threat Analysis Report
Looking back at 2021, DDoS threats showed absolutely no signs of abating as adversaries continued to launch a broad array of attacks against organizations. DDoS activities continued to surge throughout 2021, with total attack traffic hitting record high. Attack scale and magnitude both saw dramatic increase, while attack methods have become vastly more sophisticated. The number of Tbps-scale attacks rose significantly as compared with 2020. More multi-vector attacks were observed, among which a
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2022.03.03 / Awards
Genie Networks Wins 2022 Globee® Awards for Cyber Security Global Excellence
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2022.02.15 / Success Stories
REDIMadrid Utilizes GenieATM to Maximize DDoS Protection for Universities in Madrid
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2022.01.11 / Success Stories
TurkNet Strengthens Network Visibility and DDoS Security with Genie Networks
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2021.12.22 / Success Stories
Kyivstar Relies on Genie’s Solution for Network Traffic Monitoring and Security
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