2018.03.11 / Success Stories
Zain Group selects Genie Networks to provide an ideal all-in-one traffic visibility and security solution
Service enhances Zain’s internet reachability in an efficient and safe manner   Zain Group, a leading mobile telecommunication provider has chosen Genie Networks to optimize its network peering as well as delivering cybersecurity service to its operating companies and enterprise customers.     Zain is a leading telecommunications operator across the Middle East and Africa providing services to over 45.3 million customers across its eight-country footprint.
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2018.03.07 / Success Stories
Genie Helps Customers Protect Against Memcached DDoS
In the past few days, a new attack method - Memcrashed has caused denial of services for many websites . Hackers have been exploiting the vulnerability of Memcached protocol as their volumetric, reflective, amplification attack tool.   Memcached is an open-sourced, high-performance, distributed, memory object-caching system, which is intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Memcached is powerful, easy to deploy, yet does not have native
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2017.05.19 / Success Stories
GenieATM helps service providers effectively monitor and alert on WannaCry attacks
On May 2017, a vicious ransomware known as WannaCry has swept the world with its infection among Microsoft Window computers. The attack targets a security loophole called EternalBlue which was developed by US National Security Agency (NSA) and infiltrates into users system. Once the hacking process is complete, the attack will immediately encrypt all data in the users’ systems and demand a 300-500 bitcoin ransom to unlock.   What makes this ransomware so deadly is the speed of its
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