Genie Helps Customers Protect Against Memcached DDoS
In the past few days, a new attack method, Memcrashed, caused web sites to become denial of services. Hackers have been exploiting the vulnerability of Memcached protocol as their volumetric, reflective, amplification attack tool.    ...
Genie Networks wins the 2017 Golden Bridge Award in both network traffic analysis and security segments
Genie Networks, a company that has dedicated its profession in developing large network’s traffic visibility and DDoS security for almost 20 years, has recently been awarded as a winner in 2017 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Award in both...
Genie Networks wins Silver in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Award in Best IT Products and Services for Telecommunications
Genie Networks announced today that Network Product Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named GenieATM6000 (GenieATM) as the Silver winner in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards in the Best IT Products and Service...
Genie Networks partners with Huawei to bring carriers excellent network operation experiences
Genie Networks, the leader of network traffic visualization and DDoS security industry, recently announced that it has partnered with Huawei as one of its solution providers and technical strategists.   The development of mobile data ...
GenieATM helps service providers effectively monitor and alert on WannaCry attacks
On May 2017, a vicious ransomware known as WannaCry has swept the world with its infection among Microsoft Window computers. The attack targets a security loophole called EternalBlue which was developed by US National Security Agency (NSA) and ...