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2020.10.05 / Solution Brief
An Introduction to GenieATM and GenieAnalytics
2020.09.16 / GenieAnalytics / Video
GenieAnalytics Product Demo
This brief demo shows how GenieAnalytics leverages annotated network traffic data to perform big data analytics for security forensics and end-to-end visibility.
2020.09.09 / Case Study
Case Study – Global Tier-1 Internet Service Provider, India
Learn how a Tier-1 ISP from India utilizes Genie's solutions to keep out of DDoS threats and deliver managed security services for its customers.
2020.09.06 / Report
DDoS Attack Statistics and Trends Report for H1 2020
This report by Genie Networks covers the DDoS statistics from H1 2020 of Tier-1 network operators among the APAC region - based on the attack vector, trend, scale, duration, etc. The report also discusses the three largest volumetric attack cases in H1 2020.
2019.11.17 / GenieATM / Application Note
Peering Analysis with Genie Networks
Learn how Genie's solutions help ISPs evaluate suitable peering candidates and establish successful peering relationships to enhance network management and lower operation costs .
2019.09.03 / GenieAnalytics / Solution Brief
Real-time OTT and CDN Service Tracking with GenieAnalytics DeepTrace
Explore the Key Insights to Network and Business Growth Driven by OTT and CDN Service Traffic
2019.06.10 / GenieATM / Whitepaper
Enter the Era of Machine Learning DDoS Defense
This white paper discusses how an AI-driven approach to DDos protection is leading network security solutions to achieve higher efficiency and precision and help organizations better guard against intelligent DDoS threats.