Managed Service Provider

In the current trends that average revenue per user (ARPU) are decreasing and existing target markets are saturated with basic services, Internet Service Providers are under pressure to increase margins and create new sources of revenue. MSPs need to create innovative services such as VPN traffic visibility, in-cloud security and customer-facing traffic analysis which demonstrate the added values to their customers. Genie Networks provides a solution for ISPs to cost-effectively deliver new revenue-generating services and turn into Managed Service Providers (MSPs) successfully.

Customer Web Portal Interface

GenieATM MSP solution helps service providers to offer managed services including traffic visibility and DDoS prevention of customer networks via scoped accounts, and a customer-facing on-line management portal. These capabilities enable MSP operators to offer new value-added services cost-effectively and fast time-to-market.

Traffic Analysis

The GenieATM MSP solution provides IP VPN site-to-site traffic visibility for MSP network operation staff to gain insights into their VPN services. It also equips MSPs the tool to offer new value-added services such as on-line scoped traffic visibility with customizable service analysis, scoped real-time troubleshooting tool and off-line scoped traffic report dispatch.

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

MSPs’ customer networks are protected by Genie Networks solution’s anomaly detection, security alerting and threat mitigation technologies. The GenieATM MSP solution helps MSPs to offer in-cloud security value-added services to their customers through scoped accounts, DDoS detection reports, and enabling scoped threat mitigation mechanism.

Tremendous Scalability

GenieATM MSP solution leverages a distributed collector and centralized portal server architecture, which allows an MSP to scale the solution seamlessly as its business and the total customer number grows by adding additional collectors.

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