2021.10.28 / Success Stories

China Mobile Group Adopts Genie’s Solution for 5G Network Visibility

China Mobile Group is set to adopt Genie’s big data network traffic analytics solution in Q4 2021 for critical network visibility. The top telecom carrier in China currently has the world’s largest network and customer base. For years, China Mobile has been a long-time customer of Genie Networks, with its headquarter and many subsidiaries including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, and Zhejiang just to name a few, using Genie’s products for network visibility and DDoS security.

In recent years, rising network bandwidth and complexity driven by disruptive technologies like 5G mobile networking, AI, and IoT, are bringing significant challenges to network monitoring and analytics. Intelligence-driven analytics has now become a major approach to explore end-to-end network insights for service providers in the 5G era. Network traffic intelligence delivers not only details of network utilization and performance, but also enhances network security through traffic model baselining to provide automated instant detection on network anomalies. On top of scalability and flexibility, it is crucial for modern carrier-grade network analysis to have the ability to track business-critical data tied to OTT services, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), and subscriber information.

The China Mobile adoption is a multi-million dollar deal involving deployment of GenieAnalytics with Deep Trace to achieve end-to-end network visibility with service-level awareness. Without having to deploy probes all across the network, the Deep Trace module automatically correlates traffic flow data with Genie’s in-house mapping intelligence to track a broad range of  service-level network information, including OTT applications (live-streaming, web browsing, gaming, e-commerce, etc.), CDN traffic delivery performance, and subscriber identity. These data help China Mobile understand the performance and cost analysis for each network application, secure customer retention, and optimize network planning and service offerings. With Genie’s network analytics solution, China Mobile is provided with the industry’s top features and scalability. They can easily provide traffic behavior profiling for tens of thousands of their subscribers. Even as the number of subscribers increase substantially, the Chinese telecom giant can rely on Genie’ solution to offer essentially unlimited data storage scalability.

For a leading network service provider like China Mobile, only a carrier-grade solution that leverages network traffic intelligence can help them respond instantly to today’s highly evolving network conditions. “Genie’s solution not only provides the necessary insights into the cost and performance of China Mobile’s network traffic, but also enables them to grow revenue with new business opportunities,” said Denis Miu, CEO of Genie Networks. “We’re proud to assist China Mobile in staying ahead of competition in the service provider realm and the forefront of the 5G revolution.”


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