2019.05.07 / Product News

【New Product Series Release】 GenieAnalytics – The Intelligent Big Data Analytics Platform

Genie Networks recently announced the launch of GenieAnalytics, an intelligent analytics platform for network traffic and security at scale. Built with massive, industry-leading data analytic performance, GenieAnalytics delivers instant network insights for critical network applications including capacity planning, traffic engineering, peering optimization, network troubleshooting, and DDoS security.


GenieAnalytics supports and correlates full-resolution and sampled data including Flow records, BGP routing, SNMP, DNS, and network instances.  These annotated information can be stored in the system’s highly distributed big data lake for up to years with unlimited scalability. The system offers ultra fast data ingestion, with each server node delivering up to 10K annotated flow records per second, and agile analytics for real-time and retrospective applications. Analytic results are presented in the form of intuitive visualized reports on custom-tailored dashboards to give network administrators immediate, comprehensive operational insights for their business needs.


As the forms of cyber threats constantly evolve with today’s technological trends, conventional network anomaly traffic detection models may be insufficient to detect and protect against unknown future threats.  GenieAnalytics utilizes software-defined analytics mechanism to improve security analytics on anomaly traffic, DDoS threats and zero-day attacks.


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2020.12.29 / Product News
【产品Demo影片】 替MSP业者及MSP租户实现双赢的云端托管服务平台
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2020.12.28 / Product News
【產品Demo影片】 替MSP業者及MSP租戶實現雙贏的雲端託管服務平台
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2020.12.28 / Product News
【Product Video】 Managed Security Service Provisioning with GenieATM MSP Server
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