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DDoS Attack Statistics and Trends Report for H1 2020

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for many years. With the aid of emerging network technologies such as 5G and IoT, attacks have grown rapidly in scope and frequency, causing damages that are deadlier to the network environment than ever. Since its establishment in 2000, Genie Networks has been focused in carrier-grade IP network traffic analysis and DDoS defense, and is now a leading brand in he ISP/Telco market for DDoS security.


As a leader in the carrier-grade DDoS detection market, Genie Networks has decided to invest in conducting long-term DDoS attack observations and statistics starting in 2020. This report covers the DDoS statistics from the first half of 2020 of several Tier-1 network operators in the APAC region. These include internet service providers, data center/co-location providers, mobile operators, etc.


As Genie Networks specializes in L3 and L4 volumetric attack detection, this report will also be focused on volumetric DDoS attack analysis – in terms of quantitative statistics on the attack vector, trend, scale, duration, and source distribution. The report also discusses the three largest volumetric attack cases in the first half of 2020….Read full report



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2020 DDoS攻击现状与趋势统计报告
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2020.10.06 / Others
2020H1 DDoS攻擊現狀與趨勢統計報告
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威睿科技宣布於莫斯科成立業務及技術服務辦公室,一方面為加強拓展俄羅斯/獨協體及東歐市場的業務發展,也為現有客戶提供更即時的專業售後技術服務。   身為亞太地區電信運營商市場流量分析與DDoS防護的領先者,威睿科技已在俄羅斯及東歐電信運營商市場累積不少客戶實績。新技術服務處的成立將更貼近客戶需求,並強化威睿的產品服務優勢。  
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