Network-wide Visibility

GenieATM is a Flow-based solution supporting all major flow exporting protocols, including Netflow, sFlow and Netstream. In order to provide MPLS analysis, it supports MPLS-aware Flows using v9 Flow export format. In addition, GenieATM supports BGP, SNMP and RADIUS protocols to collect routing, device and user identity information respectively.

IP flow is a technology embedded in network routers and switches to gain visibility into IP traffic traversing networks and detect DDoS attacks. A flow is a unidirectional set of packets exported by routers and switches, which carries granular and accurate information of the IP traffic entering the routers and switches. Flow technology enables IP traffic analysis and answers the questions of who, what, where, when and how much IP traffic is on the networks. By receiving flow packets exported from the existing routers and switches, flow-based solutions enable IP traffic analysis without probes.

Therefore, for a large-scaled network of telecom, ISP or large enterprise, a flow-based solution is much more scalable and cost-efficient to carry out the network-wide network traffic analysis and security protection.

Network Planning, Traffic Engineering and Cost Analysis

GenieATM helps minimizing the total cost of telecom network operations while maximizing network capacity and performance by locating network congestion points, providing insights on congestion causes, performing bandwidth cost analysis, and conducting route monitoring for traffic engineering. GenieATM allows network operators to gain visibility into their network traffic and hence enables optimal network capacity planning by reducing bandwidth costs while preventing congestion. GenieATM also enables network engineers to conduct intelligent traffic engineering by correlating network-wide traffic flow information with BGP routing information. With GenieATM’s network topology model-based pre-defined reports or highly flexible user-customized reports, a backbone network operator can leverage the sub-network/customer reports for operation cost analysis and bill-back purposes.

Complete Enterprise Network Profiling

Receiving IP Flows from existing network devices in place, GenieATM provides simple, cost-effective means to profile the entire enterprise network traffic, and offers network-wide continuous and real-time session or transaction visibility, even on high speed, highly segmented internal networks. The capability to conduct long-term monitoring, drill-down Top-N analysis and focused analysis on critical network spots, gives enterprise network managers a holistic view of the enterprise-wide network, anywhere, anytime. GenieATM displays the distribution and cross analysis of network user behavior of the complex enterprise network environments. The detailed traffic information can be helpful to managers in performing business-unit based usage accounting and cost analysis.

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