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China Telecom relies on GenieATM for network security enhancement

China Telecom has been one of Genie Networks earliest clients. It is China largest broadband service provider, covering China fixed-line market share over 50%. Nearly all of China Telecom branches have now deployed GenieATM to supervise its network security.

The reason behind why GenieATM is favored by such a prominent service provider is that it has all the aspects of a mature network management mechanism. GenieATM profiles large-scale network and exports traffic data into reports that can be easily interpreted for network planning and optimization. Also with GenieATM’s inbuilt anomaly detection system, DDoS attacks can be sought out in mere seconds once they appears in the network. Follow-up reports are automatically generated to identify the attacks whereabouts and details, aiding administrators to mitigate the situation in the minimum timeframe.

The deployment of GenieATM also brought business opportunities. China Telecom developed new business models by offering managed services to its customers. Up to 2017, China Telecom’s Shanghai branch officials claim that more than 1,500 institutions have signed up for their DDoS mitigation program, many of which being government branches or distinguished large corporations. By subscribing to this program, customers can individually view their own network traffic and configure their preferred DDoS mitigation methods via scoped accounts.

“It is well known that Shanghai is the most populous city in the world, thus our work load of maintaining stability and network connectively is heavier than the rest,” says NOC manager of China Telecom, Shanghai branch. “GenieATM has guided us through numerous security crisis, pointing out attacks or anomalies within the network on short notice, giving us sufficient lead time to deal with the incidents. I will always recommend GenieATM to anyone looking for decent network traffic management and security.”