Delivering Not just Network Traffic Data, but Network Traffic Insights

Traffic visibility is the foundation to a reliable and secure network. It is crucial for network engineers to know their network traffic to face any events that may affect the availability of their networks. These events may relate to traffic engineering, network planning, network troubleshooting, security forensics, business analysis, etc. Genie’s network visibility package leverages techniques of xFlow analysis, intelligent network modelling, distributed architecture design, instant sorting algorithms and big data storage to deliver a network-wide traffic analysis solution for all carrier-grade IT professionals.

Any View of Your Network Traffic. From Anywhere. At Any Time.

In-depth traffic analysis (such as traffic matrix and attribute distribution, etc.) among all network areas, resources, users, and applications
Pervasive visibility on traffic status, routes, applications within both internal and external networks
Built-in network topology model to simplify and automate traffic analysis configurations and minimize errors due to manual processes
7*24 continuous traffic monitoring and real-time and retrospective analysis up to second-level granularity and year-long traffic trend reports

Get the Best out of Your Network Traffic

Locate network hotspots in a blink of an eye to grasp traffic trends and predict congestion points to optimize capacity planning
Execute correlated analysis among network traffic, interfaces, and routing attributes to enable intelligent traffic engineering that helps optimize network performance and resource utilization
Provide carriers network-wide analysis including traffic on overlay MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)-VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) with detailed VPN-by-VPN traffic metrices

Assist carrier network administrators in understanding their MPLS-VPN network utilization and quality to optimize network resource allocation, and promote VPN traffic analysis and anomaly detection as value-added services for their enterprise customers
BGP Peering Evaluation
Identify optimal free peering partner candidates and internet transit providers to lower internet transit costs

Internet Transit Cost Analysis
Assist with offloading traffic from more expensive or less efficient transit links to less expensive or more reliable ones to lower transit cost and increase transit quality

Ensure BGP routing stability
Constant monitoring on traffic and routing between peering partners and home network to maintain peering security and reliability
Genie’s solution offers what it takes to identify and resolve issues and errors within a complex carrier-grade network environment

Get total control of network-wide traffic status with our flow-based solution and pinpoint anomalies easily through a single portal GUI

Support a wide range of flexible analysis with sophisticated drill-down options on analysis results to explore and investigate root causes of network errors and anomalies
Network traffic forensics for carrier-grade networks require retrospective analysis with high flow rate, massive traffic data, and long-term data storage

Genie’s network forensics solution easily manages a wide range of retrospective analysis for your carrier-grade networks:

High speed and massive raw data storage
Highly flexible analysis options
High performance in data search and read
Rich visualizations on analysis results