2018.03.11 / Success Stories

Zain Group selects Genie Networks to provide an ideal all-in-one traffic visibility and security solution

Service enhances Zain’s internet reachability in an efficient and safe manner


Zain Group, a leading mobile telecommunication provider has chosen Genie Networks to optimize its network peering as well as delivering cybersecurity service to its operating companies and enterprise customers.



Zain is a leading telecommunications operator across the Middle East and Africa providing services to over 45.3 million customers across its eight-country footprint. Handling a huge volume of data traffic, it is critical for Zain to find and evaluate suitable peering partners to enhance its Internet reachability and decrease transit costs. GenieATM is used to aid the decision-making progress with its rich peering and BGP analysis reports. It assists engineers to identify best peering candidates and also offers a crucial reference for monitoring existing peering performance and optimizing its network-routing.



GenieATM also embeds a robust DDoS detection engine which helps secure Zain’s network. When detecting problematic traffic, GenieATM generates an alarm and triggers a mitigation action. The mitigation is achieved through integration with the F5® BIG-IP® Advanced Firewall Manager™ (AFM). This ensures anomalous traffic is automatically redirected to the nearest cleaning center for traffic scrubbing, including application layer attacks. Only cleaned and relevant traffic is passed on to Zain’s sites.



Recently, Zain has further expanded its service in providing DDoS mitigation service for its enterprise customers. The GenieATM deployment is used to support a huge number of service subscribers, and allows customers logging into GenieATM portal to view their own network’s traffic reports and security detection/mitigation results. This is a win-win solution for both parties as service subscribers can enjoy GenieATM’s values of monitoring and protecting their networks at an affordable subscription fee, while Zain can monetize a powerful service to increase its average revenue per user.



Mr. Henri Kassab, Managing Director, International, Wholesale and Roaming of Zain Group commented, “The reports generated from GenieATM have contributed for making well informed decisions for traffic management and optimizing the traffic between various peers directly reflecting on the quality of service provided to our end users.”



Mr Kassab added, “We have full confidence in GenieATM’s proven track-record to be an effective and cost-efficient way to protect Zain’s operating companies’ network infrastructures while at the same time providing an additional form of cybersecurity for our enterprise customers. These are vital elements in supporting Zain’s transformation efforts in becoming an integrated digital lifestyle operator.”


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