2022.01.11 / Success Stories

TurkNet Strengthens Network Visibility and DDoS Security with Genie Networks

Today’s telecoms and ISPs play a much bigger role than they did over the last decade. The everything-connected world has countless enterprises and organizations relying on service providers to run their business. As networks grow in size and complexity, security concerns also arise, especially those led by volumetric DDoS attacks. To safeguard against today’s DDoS threats, service providers need to monitor and analyze network traffic in real-time, and automatically eliminate anomalies at service provider’s network edge before leading to network outage or service downtime for its customers. A growing telecom operator like TurkNet has achieved this by adopting solution from Genie Networks, with the help of its local channel partner Sekom.

TurkNet is Turkey’s strongest independent new generation telecom operator, with widespread and high-capacity national data backbone designed to provide high-quality and reliable services to individuals and institutions across every region of Turkey. As one of the leading telecom and IT Companies in Turkey, TurkNet has made and continues to invest in large-scale fiber optic cable installations for its local, national, and international connections.

A GenieATM is deployed in TurkNet’s datacenter to monitor and protect its backbone infrastructure and customers’ networks. TurkNet uses GenieATM to detect 800Gbps of network flow data in real-time for any suspicious traffic. When a malicious threat is found, GenieATM automatically alerts and re-routes the attack traffic to one of the two integrated A10 TPS mitigation devices deployed out-of-path to scrub the malicious traffic and re-injecting it back to the intended destination. By leveraging GenieATM’s traffic reporting and Snapshot features, TurkNet is provided with the ability to perform traffic forensics and network troubleshooting more efficiently by drilling down into an anomaly traffic for root cause inspection.

With the unparalleled network insights and protection delivered by GenieATM, TurkNet now have more flexible control over their network traffic and confidence on providing stable and secure network services for its customers. “With the help of our trusted partner Secom, we are glad to work with the integrated solution of GenieATM and A10 TPS series,” said Ahmet Çetin, Network Security Engineer at TurkNet. “GenieATM performs effective flow-based anomaly detection while A10 TPS provides an innovative solution to mitigate DDoS attacks.”

About TurkNet

Established in 1996, TurkNet is Turkey’s strongest independent new generation telecom operator, providing telephony, mass internet, IP MPLS VPN (private virtual network), data center and hosting services designed to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses in the corporate telecom market. For more information, visit

About Sekom

Founded in 1992, Sekom is a Turkish-based, well-established, and reliable digital transformation integrator. Sekom possesses expertise in many areas of the information and communications sector including cloud computing, integrated communication, video, and data center. For more information, visit


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