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TransIP Adopts GenieATM for DDoS Protection and Mitigation


Throughout the years, Genie Networks has set foot in the Dutch market for DDoS security and traffic analysis and helped numerous Dutch ISPs and web hosting companies secure their backbone network infrastructure and their customers’ networks. To add to the list, Genie is pleased to announce that TransIP Group B.V. has chosen GenieATM to automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks for its various customers.


TransIP Group B.V. is one of the leading names in the Netherlands for hosting and domain registration. It provides virtual private servers, domain name registration, and web hosting services to customers and information technology professionals. The company also offers forwarding, big storage, private network and many other services.


To protect its network infrastructure from DDoS and anomaly attacks, a GenieATM6000 was deployed in The Datacenter Group Amsterdam, a state-of-the-art datacenter designed specifically to meet the growing technical and support needs of TransIP’s hosting customers. GenieATM automatically detects any suspicious anomaly traffic in real-time and generates traffic analysis reports and alerts for TransIP users to evaluate. Once an attack is identified, users can get detailed information about the attack traffic by counting on the Snapshot feature. The attack traffic is automatically redirected to a third-party mitigation device to drop or filter out malicious threats and carried on as clean traffic to its original destination. Overall, GenieATM offered efficient DDoS protection and instant network insights that enables TransIP operators to gain full control of their network infrastructure. By implementing Genie’s solution, TransIP is now more confident on providing stable and secure network services for its customers.

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