2021.12.22 / Success Stories

Kyivstar Relies on Genie’s Solution for Network Traffic Monitoring and Security

Kyivstar PJSC, the largest telecom operator in Ukraine, is using Genie’s solution to monitor network traffic and reinforce security for its backbone infrastructure, as well as those of its customers.

Kyivstar is one of the top three digital service providers in Ukraine, offering innovative solutions based on Big Data, IoT, Cloud solutions, mobile financial services, etc. For business customers, the company offers unique services based on Office 365 products, Azure Stack, and virtual mobile PBX. The operator has created Kyivstar Open Telecom, an Open API platform offering the ability to use the carrier’s analytic insights to develop new products and applications, as well as automate business processes. The company is currently a member of the VEON group, one of the most renowned telecom service brand across Eurasia and Africa.

With the support of its local strategic partner Broksteam, Kyivstar protects its FTTB core infrastructure against DDoS threats through Genie’s solution. The GenieATM system deployed in Kyivstar currently provides network monitoring and protection over the traffic. Upon detection of an anomaly traffic, GenieATM automatically creates BGP announcement for the company’s routers to off-ramp the suspicious traffic to a scrubbing device or blackhole to avoid invasion of any potential cyber threat.

On top of the regular features of GenieATM, Kyivstar has further leveraged the solution for the good of its customers through managed service provisioning. The GenieATM deployment allows the Ukrainian telecom operator to package features like network visibility, DDoS detection and mitigation as cloud-based services for its large number of enterprise subscribers. Customers can login via the GenieATM portal to view the traffic reports and security status of their own networks. This creates a win-win solution for both parties as service subscribers can enjoy top-notch networking features offered by GenieATM at a cost-effective subscription fee, while Kyivstar is able to generate extra revenue streams through providing value-added services to its end users.

About Kyivstar

Kyivstar is a leader in the market of mobile communications and fixed Internet services, the first converged solutions provider in Ukraine, also offering digital services. The company’s subscriber base includes about 26 million mobile customers and over 1 million fixed broadband Internet users.


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