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Global DDoS Protection Market Forecast by 2026

 — In recent times, threats surrounding Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) attacks have witnessed a significant rise. With increasing number of devices connected to the internet, ranging from mobile phone to IoT devices, the attackers/hacktivists have found an enlarged ecosystem to cause harm. These are noted to vary between application layer and network layer attacks. The first most visible Distributed Denial-of-Service attack was expected to occur in the year 2000 where a large number of multinational companies were affected, and the estimated losses were enormous. Currently, the Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks have expanded in terms of rate, volume, technology and landscape from a mere hobby to a particular agenda including threats from cyber-terrorists, hackers, rival companies, customers, partners etc. While these attacks result in several types of losses, financial loss, reputational damage, consumer loyalty as well as legal implications are the key aspects that companies are trying to minimize by the employment of DDoS protection services.


According to the latest research study by Orian Research Consultants, the Global Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) Protection market was valued at over USD 2.3 Bn in 2019, expanding with a CAGR of nearly 17% during 2019-2026 and is estimated to be worth US$ 7 Bn by the end of the forecast period.


On a regional front, North America and Asia Pacific are anticipated to witness a surge in terms of growth rate over the forecast period, representing a cumulative absolute dollar opportunity worth over US$ 2.5 Bn over the forecast period. The countries of Europe are estimated to showcase a steady growth over the forecast period while South America and Middle East & Africa also represent sizeable proportions of the market.


Orian Research Consultant observes a shift in the deployment models preferred by vendors as well as consumers. While the conventional model has been linked with on-premise deployment, a significant inclination towards cloud-based model is noted. However, the most recent trends suggest that several consumers and vendors prefer a hybrid model as it is proven to be more efficient.


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The report studies the market closely and presents global, regional as well as country-level trends. As per the report, DDoS attacks on the infrastructure were noted to be higher in the countries of Latin America while DDoS attacks on SaaS based services was higher in the countries of Europe.


Representing several insights including Competition Landscape, Competitor Comparative Analysis, Competitor Quadrant Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, PESTEL Analysis as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the market have been included in the report.


The report also presents the key dynamic factors moving the market such as drivers and restraints. The report also highlights the grey areas in the market to showcase opportunities and benefit the readers. This report studies the market on a global, regional as well as country level and provides insights from industry experts as well as in-house experts.


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The key players covered in this study include
• NTT Communications Corporation
• Oracle Corporation
• Radware
• Akamai Technologies
• A10 Networks, Inc.
• Genie Networks, Ltd.
• Imperva Incapsula
• Nexuguard Limited
• Verisign, Inc.
• Cloudfare, Inc.


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