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Genie DDoS Solution Stands Out At DE-CIX Interconnection Conclave

DE-CIX Interconnection Conclave 2022, a conference dedicated to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), International Internet Gateways (IIGs), and Telecommunications Companies (Telcos), was held for the first time in Bangladesh on June 6th and 7th. The event was hosted by DE-CIX India along with its only distribution partner in Bangladesh – Mango Teleservices. Genie Networks was honoured to be a part of this event to share its expertise and experience in network analysis and DDoS security.

One knows how important Bangladesh is when it comes to the SAARC Region. A developing nation with tons of potential opportunities. Rising demands for digital transformation and network security have led Bangladesh to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in telecommunications. Followed by a series of events in India in late May, the Interconnection Conclave took place in Dhaka, attracting over 140+ participants from major service providers that occupied nearly 95% of the local market. The event not only paved a way for them to explore market-trending solutions that could benefit the operations and security of their network, but also unleashed the potential to strengthen market presence in Bangladesh for global solution providers such as Genie Networks.

As a top carrier-grade network solution provider in the APAC region, Genie Networks has accumulated over 20 years of experience serving over 650 customers worldwide, including some of the world’s largest ISPs, Telcos, and enterprises with its network analysis and DDoS protection solutions. In recent years, the company has gained notable market share in SAARC’s service provider sector, including 2 major tier-1 customers in Bangladesh, and 1 each in Pakistan and India, respectively.

At the event, Genie showcased its best-of-breed DDoS and network traffic analysis solutions, including GenieATM – the flow-based traffic analysis and DDoS detection system, and GenieAnalytics – the big data platform for end-to-end analytics including OTT service, CDN, and subscriber traffic. Other topics discussed included Genie’s patented solutions and features such as Flow Load Balancer (FLB) and Traffic Snapshot, which are some of the company’s unique selling points in the market. The high amount of interest and feedback from the crowd in response to Genie’s presentations and the intriguing Q&A sessions were clear indicators of potential rising demand for such solutions in Bangladesh.

It’s been a pleasure having Genie Networks share their long-time market experience with carrier-grade network traffic,” said Mir Masud Kabir, Managing Director at Mango Teleservices. “Genie’s anti-DDoS features – from monitoring, detection, alerting, to mitigation, provides the answer for local service providers who are in search of a comprehensive DDoS protection solution.”


About DE-CIX India

DE-CIX India is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) that interconnects more than 500+ members, making it the largest Internet Exchange in India. DE-CIX India is the first choice of all kinds of operators including Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Internet Access providers, Telecommunication providers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and much more. 

About Mango Teleservices

Mango Teleservices is the first private sector International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator of Bangladesh. Mango provides IP transit service for its customers. All Internet Service providers of Bangladesh are connected to the Internet through the IIGs. Mango has a world-class network, equipment, team and international carrier partners.



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