2017.09.22 / Awards

Genie Networks wins the 2017 Golden Bridge Award in both network traffic analysis and security segments

Genie Networks, a company that has dedicated its profession in developing large network’s traffic visibility and DDoS security for almost 20 years, has recently been awarded as a winner in 2017 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Award in both “Network Visibility Innovations” and “Security Solution for Service Providers Innovations” categories.









Every year, the Golden bridge award celebrates the world’s best organizations of different professions and fields. It honors and recognizes the achievements and positive contribution from businesses of every industry.

GenieATM is a comprehensive traffic analysis and DDoS detection solution that’s specially designed for carriers and service providers. It embeds a powerful traffic mining engine that after aggregating flow data from network-wide routers, can generate real-time traffic reports for operators to gain a macroscopic as well microscopic view of their network. Basing on the built-in network topology models, abundant pre-defined and user customizable traffic analysis reports are generated.


DDoS detection and prevention is also one of the key highlights of GenieATM. By leveraging Network Behavior Analysis based Detection (NBAD) technology, GenieATM can detect suspicious traffic activities (e.g., DDoS attacks) within seconds as it occurs in the network. Immediate alerts will then be signaled to operators accompanied with details such as the attack type, its volume, attacking sources and the destinations. An operator can then locate the attacking traffic and decide on its mitigation action based on the information GenieATM has provided.


“We’re extremely pleased that Genie Networks has been honored by the Golden Bridge award in dual categories covering both network visibility and security segment.” says Denis Miu, CEO of Genie Networks. “In this IoT era where network demands are booming, GenieATM is built to be more powerful and purposeful than before. We take heart in being recognized as a winner by this prestigious award, and will continue innovating and enhancing our technologies to enable GenieATM as the best choice for the service providers’ traffic analysis and DDoS detection.”


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