2018.05.09 / Awards

Genie Networks wins silver in 2018 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards

Genie Networks recently has been recognized by Infosecurity Products Guide as the silver winner of “Products and Solutions in the Asia-Pacific.” This award is presented to those who provide comprehensive network security solutions and have gained outstanding achievements in the Asia-Pacific region.


For over a decade, Genie Networks has been regarded as the top telecom network solution provider in the APAC region. Our GenieATM leverages IP flow records to provide large-scale network-wide visibility and security enhancement. Network operators can use the analysis reports produced by GenieATM for business strategy planning such as peering or further network bandwidth planning.


Security detection and protection is one of GenieATM’s key traits that has been highly valued by Genie’s customers. Embedded with artificial intelligence, GenieATM’s dynamic learning engine enables timely DDoS attack detection. Once GenieATM spots a DDoS attack or anomaly, it will immediately signal the administrator along with providing abundant of information based on the incident. Guiding administrators to choose the best method of mitigating the attack.


Julie Liu, Genie networks’ vice president of marketing and strategic planning, expressed that “Maintaining network safety and stability is vital to network service providers as it can easily impact thousands even millions of users. With cyber-attacks nowadays growing more sneaky and unpredictable, many service providers find that conventional solutions are outdated and have turned to Genie for their security enhancement. Thus it is an honor to be yet again recognized by SVUS award as one of the most prominent security vendors in the market. We hope that by winning this prestigious award, we can be known not only as the top brand in Asia-Pacific, but also to all service providers worldwide as the top pick for carrier-grade security.”


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