2018.04.12 / Events

Genie Networks will be joining the 2018 Info Security Seminar on April 26th

Genie Networks announced that it will be attending the 2018 Info Security Seminar held at Nangang exhibition center on 4/26. During the event, Julie Liu, Genie’s strategy and marketing vice president will be discussing the evolution of DDoS attack patterns and its damage to the overall network infrastructure. We cordially invite you to join us in the conference and discuss the possibilities of building a 24/7 cloud protection environment.


Genie Networks has been the pioneer in network security for more than a decade, it provides networking and security solutions for optimizing the performance and lowering the operation costs of large networks. Our GenieATM product lines leverage IP Flow technologies to provide customers network-wide visibility and security protection. To date our solutions have been sold to more than 40 countries worldwide and is Asia’s leading brand for ISP traffic analysis solution.



2018 Info Security Seminar


Date : 2018/ 04/ 25- 2018/ 04/ 27

Location : Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Time : 9AM -6 PM


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