2020.09.20 / Others

Genie Networks Strengthens Eurasian Market Presence with New Office in Moscow

Genie Networks is broadening its business activities in the Russian and Eastern European market with the announcement of its Russia+CIS operations based in Moscow, Russia. The new branch establishment is targeting to meet the strong customer demands for network visibility and DDoS protection in the telco and ISP market among these regions.


As a leader of network analysis and DDoS protection in the service provider market of the APAC region, Genie Networks is already building reputation among the Russian and Eastern European market with existing Tier-1 clients in the telco sector. The new office establishment in Moscow aims to maximize the advantages of Genie’s product offerings for existing and potential customer needs through local sales and technical support.


“We’re excited to bring our expertise to Russia and the CIS region to enhance our service quality for existing customers and future business development,” said Denis Miu, Chairman and CEO of Genie Networks. “This marks a new milestone in our journey to be a key provider in network analysis and security solutions for the global telco and ISP market.”


Headquartered in Taipei, Genie Networks now has regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, and Moscow.


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