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Genie Expands Global Presence with New Office in Malaysia

Genie Networks just announced its expansion of business presence in the APAC region with a new office opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Adding to its existing office in Singapore, the office in the capital of Malaysia will enable Genie to provide better sales and technical service for customers and scale its business in ASEAN.

Demands for network monitoring and DDoS protection among CSPs are accelerating at rapid pace amid strong online economy growth among ASEAN countries. Being the leading provider of carrier-grade network analysis and DDoS security in the Asia Pacific, Genie Networks is seeking to broaden its current portfolio of ASEAN customers which includes top tier service providers in communications, gaming, and eCommerce in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

“With the new Malaysian office in place, we’re better positioned to ensure higher service quality for our customers and facilitate our sales channels among the region,” said Flora Chen, Vice President of Sales in Southern APAC and EMEA of Genie Networks. “The new office establishment reflects our determination to deepen commitment in the Southeast Asian market, which is a crucial part of our global market success.”

Headquartered in Taipei, Genie Networks currently has regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow, Delhi, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia Office Contact 

Address: Level 3, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +603-76822155


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威睿科技公佈 2021「DDoS攻擊現狀與趨勢調查」報告
回顧2021年,網路駭客絲毫不曾停下腳步,持續為企業組織帶來各種資安威脅,2021年整體DDoS資安事件不減反增,整體攻擊流量也持續攀升創新紀錄,在攻擊規模與強度的增長趨勢下,攻擊手法也不斷進化,變得更多元複雜。相較於2020年,Tera bps等級規模的DDoS攻擊大幅增加,混合式攻擊(Multi-vector attack
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Genie Networks Releases 2021 DDoS Threat Analysis Report
Looking back at 2021, DDoS threats showed absolutely no signs of abating as adversaries continued to launch a broad array of attacks against organizations. DDoS activities continued to surge throughout 2021, with total attack traffic hitting record high. Attack scale and magnitude both saw dramatic increase, while attack methods have become vastly more sophisticated. The number of Tbps-scale attacks rose significantly as compared with 2020. More multi-vector attacks were observed, among which a
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