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China Unicom Builds its Largest DDoS Protection Cloud with Genie


Recently, China Unicom has announced to partner with Genie Networks to deploy GenieATM systems on the domestic backbone to build its largest DDoS protection and mitigation system. The deployment not only protects China Unicom’s backbone network across China, but also caters comprehensive DDoS protection services to its customers.


Owning more than 77 millions of broadband subscribers and 287 millions of mobile service subscribers, as one of China’s largest communication service providers, China Unicom has strived to provide superior network performance and secure networking services. With the accelerating data traffic speed, the rise in the number of connected devices (IoT devices) and constantly evolving attacking techniques, DDoS attacks are increasingly prevalent and challenging to manage. To protect against the DDoS threat, China Unicom has decided to use GenieATM for delivering DDoS protection that processes the big network traffic to detect and mitigate threats in real-time.


Together with its network infrastructure upgrade in 2017, China Unicom has adopted more than 100 GenieATM systems in its backbone to build a carrier-level DDoS detection and defence system. The deployment can monitor traffic information from hundreds of the backbone routers, support analysing and detecting dozens of Tera bps traffic, enables Tera-grade of attack traffic scrubbing, and delivers a user self-service portal for traffic and incident intelligence. It protects China Unicom from growing DDoS attacks and offers value-added security services to subscrib crubbing, the China Unicom’s DDoS protection deployment is one of the largest in the world.


Mr. Lu, Technical Director at China Unicom Network Security Operations Center, said, “With an ever-evolving attack landscape, China Unicom takes cyber security issues seriously. By teaming up with Genie and leveraging its GenieATM solution, we are in a great position to safeguard our network operations as well as offer security services to benefit our customers. In the future, we’d be delighted to have more opportunities in working with Genie on cyber traffic intelligence and security.”

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