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Akon Technologies and Genie Networks protect VEON customers against DDoS attacks during World Cup 2018.


Genie Networks, a technology leader in traffic visibility and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, will provide the technology against DDoS attacks for Russian telecommunications leader VEON during the World Cup.

One of the priorities during World Cup is cyber security and making sure all critical internet services stay available. DDoS attacks are one of the most damaging types of cyber-attacks disrupting access to financial services, information portals and other important online services. Such large scale event as the World Cup attracts cyber criminals and hackers from around the world. That is why protection against DDoS attacks is one of the must haves for organizing a successful World Cup.


VEON (local brand Beeline) is one of the largest service providers in Russia with thousands of organizations relying on the Internet connection from VEON. VEON with the support from Akon Technologies and solution provided by Genie Networks together with a team of professionals in 24/7 security monitoring center are going to provide extra DDoS protection for World Cup in Russia.


The solution will analyze internet traffic in real time and will detect DDoS attacks within seconds. After the detection the malicious traffic is sent to a scrubbing center for detailed analysis and to make sure that no legitimate traffic is blocked while the clean traffic passes back to the network for delivery.



About VEON

VEON, a NASDAQ-listed global provider of communications services, formerly known as VimpelCom, aspires to lead the personal internet revolution for the 235 million customers it serves today, and many others in the years to come.


About AKON Technologies

«AKON Technologies» LLC provides a set of services for the development and implementation of information security systems (including systems for the protection of personal data), enterprise data networks and voice, backbone and access networks for telecommunications operators. Implementation of these systems include work on pre-survey (Information Systems Audit), development and coordination of the Technical Specifications, design, implementation, and subsequent delivery to the customer services. The company specializes in the design of complex integrated solutions for secure IT-infrastructure of an enterprise.

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