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Genie Networks Releases 2021 DDoS Threat Analysis Report

Looking back at 2021, DDoS threats showed absolutely no signs of abating as adversaries continued to launch a broad array of attacks against organizations. DDoS activities continued to surge throughout 2021, with total attack traffic hitting record high. Attack scale and magnitude both saw dramatic increase, while attack methods have become vastly more sophisticated. The number of Tbps-scale attacks rose significantly as compared with 2020. More multi-vector attacks were observed, among which a recordbreaking largest attack in a single month has been reported.



The 2021 DDoS Threat Analysis Report, compiled by the Genie DDoS Security Response Team, uncovers the key statistics and data of the latest DDoS threats studied across Tier-1 telecom and internet service providers in the APAC region. The report primarily focuses on quantitative statistics on the attack vector, trend, scale, duration, and source distribution of volumetric DDoS attacks. We will also review a couple of the largest volumetric attack cases in 2021.

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