2020.12.28 / Product News

【Product Video】 Managed Security Service Provisioning with GenieATM MSP Server

GenieATM MSP Server helps Internet Service Providers and Network Operators provide cloud-based DDoS security and network traffic analysis as managed services for their customers in a cost-effective fashion to accelerate additional business profits.


Watch video demo to learn how:

-MSP operators can provision managed services under minimum operational complexity with MSP-tailored workflow.

-MSP customers can enjoy full visibility and protection on their network resources without hefty overhead and on-prem deployment hassle.



2020.12.29 / Product News
【产品Demo影片】 替MSP业者及MSP租户实现双赢的云端托管服务平台
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2020.12.28 / Product News
【產品Demo影片】 替MSP業者及MSP租戶實現雙贏的雲端託管服務平台
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2019.09.12 / Product News
【 新产品发布 】以一站式云端管理服务平台 替网络服务商创造加值营收
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