DDoS Attacks - Comes from the Cloud, Solved on the Cloud

As the Internet of Things advances, security becomes a critical issue due to the rising number of connected devices exposed to cyber threats. Conventional security solutions focus on network end point and gateway-level protection at the edge of local networks. However, these approaches are unable to mitigate distributed and massive-scale threats, such as DDoS attacks. An effective solution needs to be able to detect and remove attacks from the network operator’s network infrastructure to protect the backbone of the internet service provider as well as the edge local networks.

Genie’s DDoS protection is based on IP Flow technology and an embedded Network Behavior Anomaly Detection Engine with auto-learning mechanism to detect, locate, and mitigate any anomaly traffic in real-time to give you the best-of-breed network security solution.

Threat Protection with Speed, Agility, and Stability

Carrier-grade High Performance Security Based on Flow technology, a single system could detect up to 24 million flows per second of traffic

Built-in Traffic Analysis Engine providing immediate data classifications, statistics, and sorting to enable carrier-grade DDoS detection
Real-time Detection for Cloud Network Network-wide data collection and ingestion and real-time data synchronization to a centralized Intelligent Anomaly Detection Engine

Centralized Intelligent Anomaly Detection Engine to deliver holistic view of network traffic and instant detection of massive DDoS attacks
Automated Machine Learning Detection based on Traffic Behavioral Analysis to effectively capture unknown threats and zero-day attacks

Machine self-learning to reduce dependency on manual configuration of detection thresholds to improve precision on threat detection
Threat elimination at the Cloud • Able to locate attack sources and victims and eliminate threats close to the edge of the attack source to reduce impacts of cyber threats

• Support redirection of all anomaly traffic to a mitigation center rather than investing big to implement mitigation devices on each data link. This heavily reduces your cloud network security deployment costs
Complete Real-time Attack Information Not only detect, alert, and troubleshoot, but also offer detailed traffic information of the attack for future references

Intuitive, at-a-glance user interface for real-time monitoring and detection