Secure Your Network With Intelligence

Adaptive DDoS Detection and Mitigation from the Cloud.

Network Visibility For Smarter Decisions

Gain the necessary insights for your mission-critical operations.

Big Data-Driven Network Analytics

Purpose-built for network analytics and security at scale.
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GenieATM MSP Server

  • For MSP Operators
    Provision managed services under minimum operational complexity with MSP-tailored workflow.
  • For MSP customers
    Enjoy full visibility and protection on your network resources without hefty overhead and on-prem deployment hassle.

Why Choose Genie?

  • Fair Pricing for Any Scale
    Get the quality and scale you asked for, at the price you can afford
  • Top-Notch Customer Support
    Receive timely response and technical assistance from industry experts
  • Advanced Threat Defense
    Secure your network with auto adaptive traffic evaluation and ultra-fast anomaly detection
  • Powerful Analytic Intelligence
    Explore and visualize your data beyond standard dimensions

Know Your Threats in Real-Time

In-Depth Traffic Visibility
and Ultra-Fast DDoS Protection
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Run Your Network Analytics and Security Solutions More Efficiently with Flow Load Balancer
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GenieATM Visual Portal
Intuitive, At-a-glance Data Visualizations Tailored to Your Network Demands
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GenieATM MSP Server
The One-Stop Managed Services Platform to Enhance Revenues for Service Providers
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Intelligent Network Analytics for Big Data Operations
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GenieAnalytics Deep Trace
Service Site Attributes and CDN Tracking Intelligence
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