Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting tools are among the most important products for network professionals. Many businesses depend so much on their networks that even a short interruption in services could cause major consequences. Network managers require a tool which can help locating the source of the problems effectively when there are anomalies happening in the network.

A protocol analyzer, a sniffer, or a probe is among the useful network troubleshooting tools that are commonly seen; such tools provide detailed views of network traffic packets. While this level of detail is useful in solving certain networking problems in which a specific location or area (LANs or network links) can be identified, this sort of troubleshooting tools fall short in locating the problems when the network scale is large consisting with hundreds of segmented networks and links. Nonetheless, a network-wide troubleshooting tool with sophisticated drill-down capability can help to get into the root cause of a problem.

Real-time Troubleshooting & Retrospective Forensics

GenieATM provides abundant of traffic monitoring reports, which give network managers a broad outlook on the traffic flow within a network, and can be used to pinpoint problems and anomalies. GenieATM is also designed to produce alerts when network activity becomes anomalous by dynamic baseline learning or user-configurable thresholds.

Meanwhile, GenieATM provides a traffic Snapshot tool for a real-time view of suspicious traffic, allows traffic drill-down from various aspects, and hence helps efficient troubleshooting on zero-day attacks, anomalous routes, and rogue servers hunting (e.g. illegal Spam mail servers.)For example, when there is a problem reported, a network manager can drill down to find the problem source, locate it, drill down to find the victims impacted, locate it, and drill down to find the problem traversing path.

In addition to the instant analysis on real-time traffic, GenieATM allows selecting historical raw traffic stored as analysis data source and performing highly flexible customized analysis.

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