Product Overview

Traffic Analysis

Network Intelligence for Large-scale Networks

Genie provides traffic monitoring and analysis for large network operators.  It uses real-time and historical traffic data collected, including Flow records, SNMP, BGP and more.   It transforms masses of network-generated data into actionable intelligence for decision making from network engineering to marketing.  Rich applications include network planning, cost analysis, operation monitoring, peering analysis, traffic engineering, business analysis, troubleshooting, incident forensics, and so on.

Genie leverages Flow technologies, top-notch data mining techniques, a big data engine and user-friendly visualization to support carrier-grade traffic analytics solution capacity, scalability, performance and reliability.

Learn more about Genie’s traffic analysis solutions: GenieATM

DDoS Security

Adaptive DDoS Detection and Mitigation from the Cloud

By continuously collecting and analyzing traffic data from the network cloud, Genie supports fast DDoS detection that can alert users of an attack within seconds.  Genie’s advanced detection engine is built upon pervasive traffic data collected and adaptive baselines learned on traffic behavior patterns.  The detection is hence accurate and adaptive for different networks and scaled for carrier-grade networks.  Follow up mitigation actions and intuitive incident reports are also supported so that users can quickly respond to the detected anomalies.

Genie’s security solution embeds multi-tenancy design which supports managed security service provision (MSSP) cost-effectively.  Genie offers the best solution for reducing operational complexity and cost while delivering differentiated, revenue-generating MSS from the cloud.

Learn more about Genie’s DDoS security solutions: GenieATM

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