Managed Service Provision

With the declining and flattening bandwidth rental prices, service providers need to look at alternative solutions to increase customer Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and decrease their dependence on pure bandwidth subscription business models. Many Tier 1 service providers (SPs) worldwide seek to offer their customers a suite of value-added services. As the internet grows drastically in popularity and development, enterprises service subscribers are demanding for enhanced managed services, especially in traffic monitoring and security protection.

Meanwhile, in order to reduce the costs of delivering profitable, new in-cloud managed services, SPs are seeking to utilize the existing network infrastructure and solutions as much as possible. The GenieATM solution is such a scalable platform which is equipped with powerful functions to provide network-wide traffic visibility and infrastructure security, and at the same time, designed to reduce the operational complexity and cost of delivering differentiated, revenue-generating managed services with its multi-tenant customer portal.

GenieATM MSP Server

GenieATM MSP Server collects and analyzes flow packets, and provides a customer facing portal for MSP service subscribers. Through scoped user accounts, MSP service customers can view first-hand traffic and security analysis reports as well as performing online troubleshooting function towards their respective network. A single MSP server can support up to 500 MSP customers. Service providers can flexibly increase the number of MSP servers deployed according to the total customer number and the network traffic scale.

With GenieATM, service providers can roll out time-to-market traffic analysis and anomaly detection value-added services while minimizing capital expenditure by leveraging as much existing infrastructures as possible. GenieATM is ISPs’ best choice for turning into the role of Managed Service Providers.

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