Internet Service Provider

With the growing complexity and scalability of networks, Internet Service Provider (ISP) network administrators face a multitude of challenges in optimizing their network services while reducing the cost of network investments. Genie Networks provides a network-wide traffic-monitoring, troubleshooting, infrastructure security and performance-monitoring solution for ISPs to address their needs.

Network Topology Monitoring

GenieATM visualizes traffic patterns (Who, What, Where) for operation and business insights. Monitors traffic on border exits, critical resources/ services, and on customer edge.

Network-wide Traffic Analysis

GenieATM collects network traffic information from various sources (NetFlow, SNMP, BGP, L7 information, etc.), and analyzes the data to provide a carrier-grade, network-wide traffic visibility and network behavior analysis (NBA) based security solution.

Network Planning

GenieATM helps minimizing the total cost of network operations while maximizing network capacity and performance by locating network congestion points, providing insights on congestion causes, performing bandwidth cost analysis, and conducting route monitoring for traffic engineering.

Traffic-based Business Analysis

GenieATM excavates business opportunity via flexible traffic profiling by traffic monitoring and customizable analysis on IDCs, customer networks, and critical business servers. It also enables value-added services of traffic and security analysis for MSP operators.

Effective Troubleshooting

GenieATM generates pre-defined reports which can be used for identifying anomalous traffics and provides traffic Snapshot tool for real-time views of suspicious traffic. GenieATM also allows traffic drill-down from various aspects hence providing efficient troubleshooting on zero-day attacks, anomalous routes, and rogue servers hunting (e.g. illegal Spam mail servers). The real-time traffic Snapshot tool is effective in locating the causes of network problems and reducing ISPs’ mean time to repair (MTTR). Its historical Snapshot and Top-N analysis enables powerful incident forensics.

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

GenieATM detects and mitigates anomalies and threats in the network for ISPs. The Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) based security engine detects network-wide anomalies, including DDoS attacks and worms. These attacks often target an ISP’s core network where security products like firewalls and IDS/IDP devices cannot address. In conjunction with 3rd-party traffic cleansing devices (e.g. Huawei, Cisco, Radware, etc.), GenieATM can effectively fend off threats before they impact business services.

Peering Optimization

GenieATM optimizes peering relationships through reduced costs and increased reliability by peer analysis for peer candidate identification, peer behavior monitoring and traffic engineering over peers.

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