TWNAP Selects GenieNRM's GenieATM for Traffic Analysis and Network Security

GenieNRM today announced that Taiwan Network Access Point (TWNAP), one of the major Internet exchange (IX) centers in Taiwan, has selected the GenieATM Solution for network-wide traffic analysis and network security.


The business of TWNAP is to enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Taiwan to exchange traffics in an efficient and reliable way through the deployment of the scalable interconnection system. TWNAP provides services include peering service, transit service and co-location service. Currently TWNAP has more than 100 peering agreements and aggregated traffics higher than 1Gbps.

Being one of the largest IX centers in Taiwan and providing business critical services to its customers, the TWNAP network operation and management team faces a range of traffic management challenges. In addition to guaranteeing network reliability and security, the network managers also want real-time awareness of traffic behavior across its network, reduction of peering and transit costs and improvement of services for its customers. The traffic analysis with BGP routing intelligence provided by GenieATM enables TWNAP to more effectively engineer its network resources and plan for business growth. The diversity of customers using TWNAP co-location services is increasing and comprises on-line gaming service providers, media streaming providers, e-commerce-enabled enterprises, etc.). TWNAP also wants to provide these co-location customers value-added services such network traffic monitoring and network security anomaly detection.

To address these needs, TWNAP selected GenieATM traffic analysis and security protection solution for its capabilities of delivering advanced traffic analysis and anomaly detection fulfilling TWNAP’s OAM (Operation, Administration and Management) and security applications. GenieATM offers peering analysis functions which help TWNAP network managers to gain insights of its peering/transit business. The flexible sub-network traffic monitoring function allows TWNAP to provide traffic intelligence (e.g. who are the heavy users of which hosted service) to its co-location customers. Via the adaptive anomaly detection functions, GenieATM alerts TWNAP network management team timely when traffic anomaly behaviors happen in the network, and provides the visibility into detected DDoS attacks. Using the GenieATM solution helps TWNAP improve its business quality in the meanwhile reduce overall operation expenditures and minimize capital expenditures.

"Traditional network management solutions do not offer network service providers intelligent traffic information to perform practical traffic analysis for business and operation management, and hence service providers need to resort to advanced traffic management solution like GenieATM,"said Po-wen Tseng, Senior Director of Product Marketing, GenieNRM, "this deal clearly demonstrates the power of GenieATM's functions for providing Internet exchange (IX) providers and IDC (Internet Data Center) customers to align their network resources and business practices to reduce costs and maintain market competitiveness by providing first class service quality."