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Genie Networks Attending Transport Network Russia 2015

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that it’ll be attending Transport Network Russia 2015 on March 26- 27.

Transport Network Russia is a conference held annually with topics focusing on the telecommunication and network developments in Russia. It has been one of the key meeting platforms for technology leaders to share their insights and future visions regarding the ICT industry. Being the top expert of carrier-grade network management solution, Genie Network cordially invites you to visit our table during the conference and experience the unlimited possibility that GenieATM can do to enhance your network security infrastructure.

GenieATM is a flow-based network management system that is specifically designed for large-scale networks. For years it has received favorable comments and reviews from ISPs and large enterprises worldwide. It is deemed as the most cost effective solution for its distinct traffic visibility and quick DDoS detection response.

“A customer once told me that GenieATM is like a Christmas present that all administrators want,”laughs Flora Chen, director of international sales department. “GenieATM’s capability has proven outstanding among all our competitors. Thus we sincerely believe that by sharing its techniques in Transport Network Russia, we may help much more businesses be freed of all IT security nightmares and focus on their core activities.”