Genie Networks Provides Signet’s Customers 24/7 Secure Internet Access

Genie Networks today revealed how Signet BV has enhanced its network infrastructure by employing GenieATM to monitor its network-wide traffic 24/7.

Signet is a high-end B2B ISP, based in the Netherlands which specializes in internet connections and telecom solutions, colocation and (un)managed VPN networks for corporate internet users. As a proud member of the IT-Ernity Group, Signet operates a large redundant fiber network ring throughout the Netherlands (Transit-core). With the Transit-core, Signet offers its customers the option to easily create redundant infrastructure for network stability. Together with Proserve, both access (internet access, VoIP, etc) and managed- and cloud- hosting customers are protected by the solutions provided by Genie Networks. Proserve is a reliable managed hosting provider. With round the clock monitoring, its customers are protected 24/7. Therefor the credo is: we keep e-commerce businesses online. The network environment consists of a super-core designed with multiple uplinks to the internet. With physical presence near multiple internet exchanges, such as AMS-IX, they currently provide over 100 Gbps bandwidth of external connectivity.

Signet has recently endorsed its customers with a more stable, more secure Internet experience by leveraging the GenieATM traffic visibility and DDoS protection solution. GenieATM offers superb performance in avoiding traffic congestion and detecting/mitigating DDoS attacks once they occur. It embeds a Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) engine that analyzes IP flow headers and recognizes suspicious attacking flows by its traffic behavior. Details of the attack will then be filed into reports allowing administrators to get full knowledge of what type of attack the network is under, which network resources are affected and where the attacks are coming from. Different mitigation actions can be executed based on the users’ configuration, including redirecting the attack traffic to a scrubbing center, blackholing or the use of BGP flowspec policies.

Signet stated that, “as Genie Networks helps us to monitor our network, our demanding customers benefit from a better and more secure internet experience, 24 hours a day.”