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SaveCom International benefits from GenieATM’s advanced network management tools

Genie Networks today announced that GenieATM is proven effective in reducing maintenance costs and troubleshooting time for SaveCom International.

SaveCom International was solely appointed by the government to provide the first ever network exchange services in Taiwan and is currently the single owner of Taiwan Network Access Point (TWNAP). SaveCom International plays a major role in advancing Taiwan’s internet network and has established more than a hundred peering agreement partners worldwide. SaveCom International has also teamed up with large ISP, ICP, and ASP operators in Taiwan to promote new, integrated telecom services, such as 3G wireless networks, MVPN, fixed mobile convergence, and etc. As the key operator of Taiwan’s internet network, SaveCom International operates a complex network which cannot afford to break down at any time.

SaveCom Internaional has chosen GenieATM as their key network management tool as GenieATM offers extensive analysis reports on network traffic, peering, and anomaly traffics. With GenieATM’s rule-based reports and SnapShot tool, SaveCom International is able to efficiently reduce the troubleshooting time which effectively reduces the maintenance costs. GenieATM also features with configurations that allow SaveCom International to generate various AS analysis reports on the interested ASs for detailed network traffic information; this is particularly useful to SaveCom International due to its large number of peering partners worldwide.

The Network Engineer at SaveCom International, Eddie Wu, has given positive comments on GenieATM and Genie Networks as “Good service (quick response), smooth performance, multi-language support” for its outstanding performance and professional services. Information

SaveCom International Inc. was established in 1997 with more than a hundred employees in Taiwan. SaveCom International is the sole operator of TWNAP specializing in various telecom services including 3G wireless network and MVPN. SaveCom International was awarded as one of the top telecom service providers in Taiwan.