Genie Networks Company Profile

Genie Networks is a leading provider of IP flow-based network traffic analysis and security solutions. We develop cost-effective traffic visibility and security solutions to assist customers to lower operation cost... Read More

GenieATM Feature and Applications

GenieATM (Genie Advanced Traffic Mining) is an advanced network-wide traffic management solution offering network behaviour analysis and anomaly detections to service providers...Read More

GenieATM Service White Paper

GenieATM is a total solution that meets the network security demands that ISPs face todday. The system supports various traffic data sources, including Flows, SNMP polling, and BGP routing...Read More

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Traffic Detection function by the GenieATM provides automatic detection intelligence to contrast and analyze each network traffic scope that xSPs are interested in through multiple anomaly traffic signatures...Read More

Application Note: Peering Analysis

"Internet Peering" describes a business relationship among ISPs in which companies reciprocally provide internet access to each other's customers. Each ISP needs to find its own way to function in the Internet Peering Ecosystem...Read More

Genie Networks + F5 Solution Profile

F5 and Genie Networks have collaborated to bring a carrier-grade DDoS mitigation solution with BIG-IP and GeneATM. The solution enables a cost-effective DDoS mitigation capability for CSPs by leveraging IP FLow records, centralized detection, and high-performance traffic scrubbing...Read More