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GenieATM gives Jilin Unicom proficient network traffic visibility and traffic anomaly monitoring

Genie Networks today announced that GenieATM is used by Jilin Unicom to perform network traffic and anomaly analysis for business applications.

Jilin Unicom is a large service provider offering advanced telecommunication network to the province. The business area of Jilin Unicom covers a broad range of services including mobile network, fixed domestic and international phone lines, voice, data, telecom value-added businesses, multimedia services and etc. To utilize such complex network and provide quality services to more than 10 million users would require a proficient solution to maintain the service network availability at all times as well as provide sophisticated business related analysis to service provider.

GenieATM 6369 (Controller) and GenieATM 6169 (Collector) is chosen by Jilin Unicom for carrying out network-wide network traffic monitoring in the province. GenieATM monitors the traffic flows from each city-level Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) to the provincial and domestic network backbone and by using the collected data and flows, GenieATM generates different types of pre-defined reports which are designed with industry know-how and beneficial to service providers. Jilin Unicom can utilize the various reports to find out valuable information such as TopN business types, analysis of bandwidth in each city, and different business applications for commercial evaluation.

GenieATM also provides effective mitigations when internet attacks or network anomalies arise in the network. The SnapShot tool is particularly useful in locating and investigating the root cause of traffic anomalies in real-time. In the case where DDoS attack presents, GenieATM would carry out traffic scrubbing via 3rd party cleaning device for swift mitigation.

About Jilin Unicom

Jilin Unicom is the main service provider for Jilin province in China and is the only integrated Telecommunications Company in the region. Jilin Unicom is a branch of China Unicom Group and provides cellular service using both GSM and CDMA technologies, mobile content, long distance calls and other added value services to millions of users. China United Network Communications Group Co. Ltd., commonly known as China Unicom, was officially established on 6 January 2009 on the basis of merger of former China Netcom and former China Unicom. It has subsidiaries in 31 provinces across China and many countries and regions around the world.