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A large Japanese ISP has chosen GenieATM as their solution for global network management

Genie Networks today announced that a large Japanese ISP uses GenieATM as their global network management solution for its scalable flexibility and superior performance.

This ISP is a leading provider in communication services and data centers services and is one of the biggest ISPs in Japan. It plays an important role in network services and the cable networks in the broadband era in Japan. With the complex nature of its business and scale, the ISP manages and delivers data communications service, including IP-VPN, to its customers worldwide. The ISP has been monitoring its network intensively to ensure its network resource is optimized and free of problems. For a long time, it has been obligated to use another network solution to carry out its network management. Nonetheless, as its network scale continues to expand and the growing complexity of internet threats nowadays, the solution has become inadequate to fulfill the ISP’s requirement in network management.

This ISP has decided to abandon the solution it has been obligated to use and has chosen GenieATM 6367 (Controller) and GenieATM 6165 (Collector) to receive flows from its routers around the world to better manage its global and private networks. GenieATM provides the ISPs with exceptional performance in traffic monitoring and network resource management through various pre-defined reports and rule-based reports as well as network troubleshooting via SnapShot tool and anomaly detection. Furthermore, GenieATM offers a flexible deployment architect in which the additional GenieATM devices can be added to the network as the monitoring router and network scale expands without any service disruption.

GenieATM is designed to offer large ISPs an effective, well-rounded network solution and it is proven that this large Japanese ISP is highly convinced with GenieATM’s extraordinary performance in network management.