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A well-known, multinational, Japanese automaker uses GenieATM to calculate charges for network traffic usage

(18th Jan) Genie networks today has made an announcement that GenieATM is chosen by a Japanese multinational corporation for collecting worldwide traffic volume information for charging purposes.

The multinational corporation, who prefers not to be named, is one of the largest manufacturers in its industry with leading technology and has subsidiaries, dealers, and cooperators around the world. The corporation has a worldwide backbone network and large hubs covering different continents and is offered as a charged service to be used by its subsidiaries and dealers. As the charges are calculated based on the amount of traffic used by each division, the international corporation therefore requires a solution to collect the traffic volume used by each division from the worldwide backbone network for appropriate cost estimates.

To accomplish such task, GenieATM 6367 is deployed at headquarter in Japan to carry out the necessary traffic data collection and analysis for the multinational manufacturer. GenieATM collects the information of traffic volume used by each dealer, subsidiaries, and cooperator and provides referencing data by generating pre-defined reports and rule-based reports for each sub-network. In addition, GenieATM offers a friendly user interface in which the reports can be downloaded as XML/CSV files for easy application and calculation. The Snapshot function provided by GenieATM also allows the network administrator to check for any abnormal network usage at a specific point in time, making GenieATM a complete and powerful solution.