GenieATM 6000 Wins the INTEROP Best of Show Award in the ShowNet Demonstration Category

Effective anomaly traffic detection and traffic visibility service of all exhibitors' traffics were significantly recognized during the exhibition

GenieNRM today announced that its flagship solution, GenieATM 6000 series, has earned the Best of Show Award in the ShowNet Demonstration category at INTEROP Tokyo 2009. The Best of Show Award in each category is selected from over 300 companies' products and solutions exhibiting at INTEROP Tokyo 2009. The finalists are chosen after rigorous examination by IT industry experts. Among solutions that were deployed by the NOC (Network Operation Center) running live for the exhibition, GenieATM 6000 received the Grand Prix award in the Demonstration category for the ShowNet.

Interop Tokyo was held June 8 to 12, 2009 at the Makuhari Messe convention center. “ShowNet” has always been a comprehensive demonstration of INTEROP Tokyo since its very first holding in 1994. ShowNet powers the INTEROP event by interoperating the network equipments and services selected from INTEROP Tokyo’s exhibitors. This year, ShowNet provided several services to fulfill exhibitors’ needs. One of the services was providing simulated suspicious attacking traffic for specific exhibitors to demonstrate their security solution functions. Leveraging this anomaly traffic simulation service, GenieATM 6000 successfully demonstrated its effective attacking traffic detection and mitigation solution by co-working with Cisco Guard.

In addition to the security aspect, GenieATM 6000 also provides Managed Service Provision (MSP) traffic reporting features to its “Customers.” During the INTEROP show, even though all exhibitors deployed networking products in their own booths, GenieATM still could provide in-depth traffic reporting service to each of them individually. By using this GenieATM MSP feature, all the ShowNet connected exhibitors could gain their own traffic visibility and conduct anomaly traffic detection themselves toward their “booth-oriented” network traffics. The GenieATM’s innovative features are in line with the theme presented by this year’s ShowNet: “Network as a service.”

In the INTEROP Tokyo 2009, GenieATM 6000 effectively leveraged the services provided by ShowNet, and the results were highly valued and recognized by not only exhibition visitors but also IT experts. Therefore, GenieATM 6000 is honored with the top prize in the ShowNet Demonstration category at INTEROP Tokyo 2009.

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