Genie Networks chosen by Internedservices for swift DDoS detection and traffic visibility

Over the years Genie Networks has been continuously supporting Internet service providers around the world, aiding operators to defend DDoS attacks and gain clear traffic visibility. Thus we are pleased to announce that Internedservices, one of the largest IT and cloud solution providers in the Netherlands, has decided to deploy GenieATM to protect its infrastructure and gain valuable traffic analysis.

Internedservices has 20 years of experience providing network solutions to more than 30,000 enterprises . It offers a complete set of network services ranging from cloud computing, managed services to network security protection, meeting all business needs on a pure subscription-based model. Internedservices prides itself in understanding clients’ needs better than the clients themselves, it leads, supports its clients and partners everyday with only one goal in mind: helping others to achieve success.

Security and DDoS defense has always been one of Internedservices’ most important issues. GenieATM proves as the perfect tool for its swift reaction against DDoS attacks and automatic mitigation triggering features. Once deployed, GenieATM will set up a traffic threshold for every specified network scope according to their normal traffic volume. Upon detecting suspicious high traffic peaks that exceed the baseline, GenieATM will automatically produce analysis reports while alarming users to take further actions. The real-time Snapshot feature can then be leveraged to drill down more detailed information about the attack including its originated source, infected path and destination. Such attack traffic can be relieved by GenieATM through blackholing or BGP flowspec. Another solid solution to mitigate the attack is letting GenieATM direct the suspecting flows to a 3rd party scrubbing device or the NaWas. After detaching the attacking flows from normal traffic, the scrubbing device will then return all clean flows back to their original destination. The benefit of this method is that DDoS attacks can be mitigated efficiently without interfering the normal traffic at all.

“The GenieATM solution has helped us efficiently mitigate several attacks” says Mike Janssen, Technical Director of Internedservices, “With 20 years of experience in the field we recognize a good network solution when we see one. GenieATM is undoubtedly the best in its area and we’re very happy with its performance.”