Genie Network Enhances Intermax Managed Hosting’s Infrastructure Security

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that Intermax Managed Hosting has chosen GenieATM for its quick reaction for mitigation actions against DDoS attacks.

Intermax Managed Hosting is a managed hosting company in the Netherlands. The company specializes in managed hosting, SaaS, e-commerce hosting, security, datacenter services and complex ICT infrastructure services. It has five different data centers throughout the Netherlands and has served most medium and large organizations in government, financial and healthcare industries since 1994.

Intermax Managed Hosting has deployed GenieATM 6363 as the company’s network management system for its highly intelligent anomaly detection/mitigation features. By comparing peace-time traffic baselines with real-time flows, GenieATM can quickly detect network anomalies and automatically mitigates suspicious traffic. The solution has effectively protected Intermax’s backbone infrastructure from flood attacks and has ensured its overall network stability.

In addition to having its network security infrastructure strengthened, Intermax Managed Hosting also appreciates GenieATM’s ability to transform network-generated data into highly informative reports. Information regarding traffic levels, BGP route updates and other valuable network insights help Intermax Managed Hosting maintaining high quality services to its customers.

“We believe Genie gives us essential network information, anomaly detection and mitigation. This helps us to further enhance our high end value proposition to our most demanding customers,” says Ludo Baauw, Strategy & Innovation Director of Intermax Managed Hosting. “The support from Genie also is very good and fast. It has proven to be crucial to realize 24x7 operational excellences.”